Painkillers Headshot1. Who you are?

PK: Keoni “Painkillers” Payton Or “PxKaes”

2. Where and when did you start painting, throwing up, bombing
PK: My grandma said when I was a baby I took my diaper off and smashed the contents all over the walls. I guess not much has changed because I still like taking off my pants and i still like throwing shit up on walls, ahahahahahaha

3. Inspirations in the past and currently
PK: my grandparents definitely sparked that fire then my D.F.A & A.N homies fed it but it wasn’t till recently when I saw Aaron “Woebot” Martin doing his thing did I realize you can actually eat off of this plate called “art.” I mean I knew people could get paid doing it but he’s one of the homies, we came up together in the graf scene (A.N) so until then, making money doing it- was just like a myth. In fact now, I’m watching my boys Billy Whitney and Libra kill it in the tattoo scene making almost as much money as me when I was hustling. The only difference is they’re FREE I am not, Ahahahahahaha I’m cool with being locked up because I still got there love and support. (so if you’re reading this “thank you” guys)

paint14. Why did you decide on your unique way of painting on newspapers?
I saw this sick Artist in Contrast Magazine (Ben Horton) who use newsprints in the background of one of his pieces. I thought maybe I could try using the whole thing as my canvas, It’s free (I’m in Prison) And I make $5.25 a month, just enough for 2 x 15 minute phone calls home to Hawai’i) The other reasons started clicking on why this makes sense to use the news prints. It’s a cool way to follow my evolution and current events in the world when it was created. I also try to use only papers with the mailing tag on of what prison I was housed at and what area I was in when it was made. It makes all my pieces unique in the sense that once I transfer prisons I can no longer make or duplicate a piece with that tag on it ever again, kind of like a limited edition canvases. I did get a couple of requests from homies in Hawaii that wanted to send me a Hawai’i newspaper to paint on and even though I could really use the money I had to decline because when you see one of my pieces done on a Hawaii newspaper That means I’m finally HOME!

5. How hard is it to actually paint where you?
PK: It’s Fkn hard!!!…They only sell ball point pens and pencils in the commissary (back in the days) So everything else was hustled. Like if a homeboy had some sharpies I would have to trade him my hot (food) for lunch and dinner for those pens. (I really am that starving artists…haha) A few times I did some portraits with pencils and Qtips for shading for the use of brushes and left over paints, that was actually my jump off point for paints/acrylic. my cousin Ola who owns “Fitted” in Hawai’i actually has my first newsprint done in sharpie and ball point pen. I told him one day when I make it as an artist/designer or whatever I’m going to buy it back off him. However, he said he wouldn’t sell it but this recession got everyone’s buggin and scraping for money so who knows?…lol

Painkillers Brice Surfboards Custom6. Why not branch out into other themes or ideas?
PK: I’m not so worried or even concerned with branching out, I’m more “the roots need water like kids need laughter” type of person. If it feels good and that’s where life is taking me then lets fkn roll. It just gotta feel right on some level whether it means something or it’s just funny and it can make a person laugh. Visual PAINKILLER!

7. Inspirational artists (street, urban, etc)?
PK: Chino from the deftones, Warhol, East, The Akua Nui Kilo’s, my grandpa Don, I’m inspired by straight up people, they don’t even gotta be artists. Deep girls, shallow girls, girls in general just bring out a myriad of emotions out in me. Then there’s the people that like my stuff, that’s pretty inspiring too…WAIT!…People that don’t like my stuff and say negative shit about it might even inspire me the most (as weird as that may sound)

Painkillers Full Scale Shot8. What does “Farmers Market Hawaii represent?
A collective culture where individuals identify with each other,maybe thru music -maybe thru art -maybe thru fashion maybe thru culture – Always in positive energy! Its a feel good movement, a militia of life lovers who’s primary weapon is whatever they want!